Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm Panels

Fire alarm control panels are crucial components of any fire detection and notification system. These panels are responsible for receiving signals from various fire detectors and initiating the appropriate response, such as sounding an alarm and notifying the fire department. They are typically located in a central area of a building and provide a clear visual representation of the building’s fire protection system, including the location of the alarms and any faults or malfunctions. Some fire alarm panels also have the capability to connect to a building’s sprinkler system, so that in the event of a fire, the system can automatically activate the sprinklers to help contain and extinguish the blaze. Modern fire alarm panels are equipped with advanced technology, including the ability to communicate with other building systems and even to be monitored remotely. This allows for quick and efficient response to any fire emergency, helping to minimize damage and save lives.


Complete Fire Alarm Systems

When it comes to fire safety, shortcuts are never an option. At Allegiant, we provide a complete fire alarm system service:

  • Survey. We examine your space and evaluate your fire safety needs.
  • Design. Each situation is unique. We design an effective fire alarm-system tailored to your space.
  • Supply. We provide the proper technology.
  • Full install of your new fire alarm-system.
  • Training. We will train every member of your staff on correct usage and how to reduce false alarms.
  • Service and maintenance. We offer routine checks and maintenance to make sure your fire alarm-system will always protect you and your business.

Because we work with a variety of technologies, we can meet the needs of any project.

Alarm System Design and Installation

We partner with engineers, electricians, contractors, and end-users to design a fire alarm-system that works for you.

We are dedicated to furthering the education of our NICET-certified technicians so that they remain capable of installing any fire alarm system. Before we sign off on a project, we thoroughly test each component and train your team in the operation of your system.

In addition, we work closely with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure your system’s compliance and approval.


Fire Alarm Updates, Repairs , and Maintenance

Even the best systems need maintenance and service. That’s why we are on-call 24/7, 365 days per year.

As experienced fire alarm contractors, we understand the need for efficiency. Our service trucks are fully stocked to ensure that repairs are made quickly, without multiple trips to your business.

We understand how disruptive a malfunctioning alarm-system can be. In an emergency, we dispatch our service technicians to your location immediately.

Test, Document, and Recommend

Our NICET-certified technicians will routinely test the functionality of all fire safety tools and components. Findings are documented completely, including any deficiencies and recommended repairs.

Testing frequencies depend upon local and state compliance requirements.

Once our technicians have inspected your facility, you will receive a comprehensive report summarizing their findings and recommendations. This report will also be sent to the local fire department or other authority.